should you need to lower cholesterol?

According to a cricmac review, cholesterol is a fatty substance which is essential to the human body. It forms part of the lining (membrane) of every cell; it is the basic substance used for the production of hormones; it’s needed for the production of bile for digestion – and numerous other bodily processes.

The main causes of high cholesterol are:

– Genetics (controllable with modern medication)

– Diet (controllable)

– Underlying medical conditions
(thyroid and kidney disorders – partly controllable)

– Overweight (controllable)

– Inactive lifestyle (controllable)

– Age and sex (uncontrollable) (Sex is biologically controlled, whereas gender is “sex” assigned to nouns or behaviour.)

– Smoking (controllable)

When should you be worried? Most people particularly vulnerable to developing high cholesterol, especially taking our high obesity rate into account.

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