These 5 things will make you feel sexier in bed

While true sexiness lies within you, it sometimes needs a gentle push to reveal itself. These four things will bring your sex appeal to the fore, and make you feel more confident and seductive in the bedroom.

1. A dark shade of lipstick

While a soft pink or nude shade of lippy says, ‘I’m ready to meet your mother’, a ruby red hue cries out, ‘Come here and kiss me senseless’. Opt for reds, violets, and generally berry-coloured lipsticks to enhance the sexiness of your mouth.

2. A pair of glamorous high heels

Invest in a gorgeous pair of heels that you can strut around in. High gladiators or pumps will show off your endless legs and have your partner craving to get entangled in them.

3. Itsy-bitsy lacy lingerie

Lacy, colourful lingerie will not only get your partner hot and bothered, but it will also make you feel confident and pretty. Nothing says ‘come hither’ better than underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination.

4. An alluring perfume

Dab on a sensual-smelling perfume behind your ears, the hollow of your throat and inner wrists. Seeing you in your sexiest underwear, smelling like a bed of roses is all the invitation your partner needs to make a grab for you.

5. A sexy little black dress

And make that a form-fitting one! An LBD can never go out of fashion, and is as much relevant inside the bedroom as it is outside it. There’s no power that can stop your partner from getting turned on by the sight of you in a slinky little dress.

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