Analyst says Trump’s extremist approach risks war with China

US President Donald Trump’s “extremist” policies towards China and a host of other nations across the world risks sparking a military confrontation, says an American analyst.

James Petras, a political commentator in New York, made the remarks while discussing the US Navy’s provocative patrols in the South China Sea.

US officials confirmed to the media on Sunday that two US Navy warships have sailed within 12 nautical miles off Chinese islands in the South China Sea.

China has repeatedly warned the United States against sending warships to patrol the South China Sea.

Washington claims such operations are meant to protect “freedom of navigation” in the sea, a gateway for trillions of dollars in maritime trade each year.

“It is very clear that Washington under President Trump has taken an extremist, bellicose position at this time,” Petras said on Sunday.

“The military armada off the coast of China forms part of a pattern that has a very dangerous consequence of generating a war in Asia, Middle East and other places,” he argued.

He noted that this and other actions on part of Washington showed that its call for peace and conciliation with China was rather a “false front.”

The move by the US Navy came on the heels of China’s military drills in the South China Sea which it described as being part of routine training.

The United States presumes it would be limiting China’s maritime influence in the sea by invoking “freedom of navigation” rights.

Furthermore, Washington has been taking sides with several of China’s neighboring countries in their territorial disputes in the busy sea, through which five trillion dollars in ship-borne trade passes annually.

China has, in response, accused Washington of meddling in regional issues and deliberately escalating the situation in the region.

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