Justin Bieber wants to spend his Birthday with Selena Gomez

All Justin Bieber wants for his birthday is Selena Gomez! We’ve got details on why the singer just wants to spend time with his special lady.

For most celebrities, birthdays are meant for blinged out jewelry and flashy cars. But this year, Justin Bieber, who’s b-day is on March 1, is asking for a much more
meaningful present. And for those of you wondering if that involves Selena Gomez, you’re correct. “Justin gets to be in love and with the girl he has always wanted to be with for his birthday. He doesn’t need any lavish gifts from her, he just wants to spend some alone time with her. Granted if she has anything planned as a surprise for him he will love it because he loves spending any time he can with her. He really is totally invested in their relationship,” a source close to JB tells says.

Justin Bieber’s 24th birthday will certainly be a special one. This is going to be the first birthday together as a couple since rekindling their romance in 2017. And although it’s only been a few months, Jelena’s relationship is completely different from what it was in the past. From Justin Bieber’s rededication to religion, to Selena’s decision to seek treatment for anxiety , it’s clear they’ve matured a lot. The couple have even started going to church together! But wait, their growth doesn’t end there. The singers now have marriage on the agenda.

As we previously reported, after Selena and Justin attended his dad’s wedding on Feb. 19, Justin started thinking about his future with the “Wolves” singer. “Justin’s really inspired right now and that has not only sparked new music from Justin, but personal conversations with his loved ones as well. Justin and Selena can absolutely see a life where they are married and enjoying kids together,” a source close to the couple said. Can you believe it?! Dreams really do come true. Nevertheless, we’re so excited to see what Selena and Justin do for his birthday.

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