VLC Media Player Version 3.0 Has Better Features

VLC, the video player of choice for a wide gamut of tinkerers, is finally getting Chromecast/Google Cast support , after years of user pleading and buggy beta appearances.

But that’s not all; there’s a huge gamut of genuinely useful new features as it reaches version 3.0.

As a neat bonus, VLC versions will now line up on mobile and desktop devices.

It’s worth noting that Chromecast could be a big performance and battery drain depending on the type of video you’re using. As per VLC’s blog post :

If media codecs are supported by your Chromecast device, VLC only acts as a streaming server (which is battery consuming). If not, VLC will transcode andstream media, which is highly cpu and battery consuming.

For reference, Chromecast only supports a handful of video codecs (especially if you have an earlier model). Still, that caveat aside, it’s been a long time coming, but totally worth it. I finally won’t have to pull out an HDMI cable just to watch videos through my video player of choice.

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