This is what Mourinho had to say about Pogba

Jose Mourinho hinted that Paul Pogba will be fit to play against Sevilla after he confirmed that the Manchester United midfielder trained.

The France international was left out United’s squad to face Huddersfield Town in the FA Cup over the weekend through illness after Mourinho had confirmed he was fit to play less than 24 hours before.

There has been speculation over the last couple of weeks that there is some kind of rift between the manager and his midfielder, with the Portuguese coach calling the
reported breakdown in their relationship as “a lot of lies”.

When asked whether Pogba would be fit for their Champions League clash against Sevilla on Wednesday, Mourinho said: “I opened the training session today in the period we don’t normally open.

“We normally do the warm up and the first simple drills and this time we did it for quite a long time in the last period so we could see the players in a competitive situation and when a player is in that type of situation it is because the players are normally ready and without problems.

“So you could see that in training some people that didn’t play against Huddersfield with problems like Pogba, Valencia, Rashford, Herrera, so I think in an objective way you could look at it.”

When pushed further on Pogba’s role in the Red Devils team, Mourinho added: “I don’t think it’s fair to speak about the responsibilities of a player.

“I don’t even like the fact that the player that cost X millions doesn’t have the same responsibility of one that cost three times X. They have the same responsibility so I don’t like that approach. I understand for you, but not for me.”

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