Will Wenger resist Arsenal pressure?

Arsene Wenger says that he is as committed as ever to staying at Arsenal.

Arsenal are sixth in the Premier League and suffering a further clump on last season’s form after Wenger signed a new contract last summer.

That has led to reports that he could leave the club this summer, one year into a two-year deal.

However, Wenger has dismissed those reports, and said that won’t walk away. And Arsenal won’t sack him, so there you go.

“I am always committed. I am here for 21 years,” said Wenger.

“So in every single decision I make what is right for the club. Do I stay for one year or ten years it is exactly the same.

“Is it is me in charge or somebody else you can only do what is best for club.

“That is what you try to do. That has nothing to do with my personal situation.”

“My contract clarifies that [he will stay until at least summer 2019]. Did I ever walk away? Never. Why should I change?”

“Why should I change?”. Those are the four words that every Arsenal fan hears in their nightmares.

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