3 signs you are holding on to negative energy

Negative energy is like carrying a bag of perishable items. The more you hold on to it, the more it begins to decay and then stink, and if you don’t throw it away, people will notice and start to run away from you.

Unfortunately, a lot of people carry this perishable item in the form of negative energy, and they end up chasing away friends, family and loved ones.

You stop doing things you love

Negative energy only wants you to be sad, unhappy, moody and angry. If you give it a chance, it won’t only ruin your day, but your entire life.

When you act this way, you would stop loving the things that are dear to you, and all mind will be fixed on that thing that wants to ruin your mood.

You start acting irritable

When you start to snap at the slightest of things, get angry for no tangible reason, get offended at the slightest provocation and get into a fight or argument too often, it’s a sign that you have let the negative energy get the better of you.

You become too critical

When you start judging and condemning others, and you find yourself abusing or using harsh tone on people, it could be a sign of bitterness, and bitterness is a strong evidence of negative energy.

Learn to sit back and relax, take off negative thoughts and consciously train your mind to see the good in every situation, because negative energy will only make life miserable for you.

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