Kendall shines at Globe Awards as Kylie Jenner is hiding pregnancy

While Kendall Jenner hit up the Globes looking fabulous, pregnant Kylie felt majorly left out at home. Kylie is super anxious to rejoin the party circuit.

Kylie Jenner, 20, has a bad case of FOMO! Stuck watching the 2018 Golden Globes from her couch on Jan. 7, the pregnant reality star was apparently beyond bummed she couldn’t join her sister Kendall Jenner, 22, for Hollywood’s big night. Due to her pregnancy, Kylie chose not to step out, but that doesn’t mean it was easy for her to miss out on the fun. In fact, the expectant mom apparently cannot wait to go out again once she gives birth.

“Kylie has been to the Golden Globes before and she loves all the fun that the parties can be, and she loves being in the mix and the whole scene in general,” a source close to Kylie said.

“When it comes down to it all, she is still 20 years old and she just misses going out and having fun.”

We feel ya, Kylie. But at the same time, we’re not entirely sure why Kylie didn’t go to the awards show.

After all, being pregnant didn’t stop Eva Longoria , 42, or America Ferrera , 33! Either way though, Kylie has laid low throughout her whole pregnancy, so it’s no surprise she didn’t venture out for the Globes. We can only imagine how lonely and isolating all that time at home must be.

“Its been a lot of early nights and being inside during her pregnancy, and [Kylie] is very antsy to get out again,” our insider said.

“She knows that she’ll be able to hit the town again in the future, but she just wishes the future were now and she could have been with Kendall at the Globes.” Perhaps one of the reasons Kylie didn’t want to attend the show is because, she’s terrified of being fat shamed for her new pregnancy curves.

“Kylie is living in a self imposed jail because she’s terrified of getting fat shamed the way Kim [ Kardashian, 37] was when she was pregnant with North [West , 4],”.

She knows how harsh people are and she just feels too fragile right now to deal with any sort of body shaming that she’s sure will happen.”

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