You will empty more food plates after reading this

Good food is necessary for the growth and development of humans. When you eat well, you look better, and your body functions better. And when you don’t, you only subject your body to suffering.

The truth is some of us know the importance of feeding well enough, yet we starve either because we want to fit into certain clothing or certain class of society.

Eating little or no food can have adverse effects on our bodies in the long and short run, but before things get to ‘worse’, they would have started somewhere.

Here are some of those things you can suffer from starving.


Oh well, I’m not sure I need to explain much here. Hunger is a consequence of not eating at all or enough food. When you’re hungry, your body is trying to tell you something. Ignoring the information could lead to disaster. That’s minus the discomfort you’ll experience too.

Risk of diabetes

Hunger brings fatigue and loss of energy. When you lack those, you quickly want to boost yourself, and this leads to a craving for sugar and like foods. The more sugar you consume, the likelier the level of sugar in your system, and that’s dangerous for your health.

You become less appealing

The more you starve, the more you lose weight, and the more you lose weight, the less you’re likely to fit into your clothing. So you either wear trashy stuffs or you resort to wearing skinny clothing.

However you look at it, you’ll lose massive weight, and nobody ever looks attractive in that state.

You’ll fall ill often

One of the major signs of an under-eating person is they catch the cold quite easily. The reason is because the body needs a certain amount of energy to stay heated. Without enough food, that can’t happen.

Constipation refers to bowel movements that are infrequent or hard to pass. Dieting and eating too little food can cause constipation due to a slowed metabolic rate.

Hair loss

A lot of people lose hair daily. However, you may lose way more than normal when you do not eat well enough. This is a result of a deficiency of nutrients in the body.

Do not let anybody tell you different. Eating good food is important if you want to stay alive and healthy.

While starvation isn’t the right way to go, there should be no reason to stuff your stomach with too much food, as that too has its own consequences.

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