Criminals broke into car as owner is having fun with a prostitute

Three men, who allegedly broke into a vehicle while its owner had allegedly hired the services of a sex worker in Pretoria, South Africa are to remain behind bars this Christmas.

The men, aged 21 to 38, appeared at the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on Friday and the court postponed the case for a week, Captain Daniel Mavimbela said.

They are to remain in custody until then.

Mavimbela said the men are facing charges of attempted theft and possession of a dangerous weapon.

This after one of them “allegedly attempted to stab one of the arresting officers with a sharp object”.

According to Mavimbela, the owner of the vehicle had entered the “once notorious” Tambotie block of flats in Sunnyside with a woman he had met on the streets.

Police officers on foot patrol saw him climb out of his Renault 9 TL outside Tambotie.

“Later it emerged that the victim had reportedly gone into the Tambotie flats, following an agreement to have transactional sex with a woman he had met in the street during the early hours of the same morning,” he said.

The men allegedly seized the opportunity and appeared from nowhere.

They smashed one of the windows of the vehicle, Mavimbela added.

Police managed to locate the owner in one of the flats.

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