Kylie Jenner fears boyfriend is cheating on her

Kylie Jenner has some fears when it comes to Travis Scott and his recent partying ways.

Kylie Jenner, 20, may be pregnant with Travis Scott‘s baby but she’s not feeling confident about their relationship and fears he may be cheating on her while he parties at clubs. “Kylie is feeling very vulnerable right now, between the pregnancy hormones and being so isolated all the time she’s already on edge.

“And then add in the drama with Travis and it’s almost too much for her to take. She’s trying so hard to stay strong but it’s not easy, she’s got a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to Travis.

He tells her one thing and makes a lot of big promises but his actions don’t match up. She can’t help but worry that he’s cheating on her and she’s started saying she wants him to take a lie detector test to prove he’s been faithful.”

Kylie’s feeling are understandable considering she’s been spending more time away from Travis than usual. He’s been seen spending nights away from her at various clubs and even recently hit up a strip club in Hollywood. “Kylie‘s so upset right now and you can’t blame her.

“Travis is out partying all the time while she sits at home pregnant and alone. This strip club thing isn’t an isolated incident either, the whole situation is totally humiliating for her.”

There’s been speculation that the couple have been having a rocky road for a while now and having a baby on the way definitely can’t be easy, We can only hope that Kylie and Travis can figure out a way to be happy with their upcoming bundle of joy whether they’re together or not!

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