How to protect your social media accounts

With each passing day, technology improves, and with improvement comes all manner of danger. Some time ago, one could be less worried about where they log into, and the type of things they download, however, these days, the story is changing; hence the need for more care on our part.

There are a lot of criminals and evil minded people out there who are looking for a way to scam or destroy you. The slightest mistake on your part can grant them the power to.

If you use social media in any way, you must be very wary of the following…

Syncing all your social media accounts

There was a time I tried this, because it looked cool, however, I soon came to realise that these social media platforms differ. What works for platform A may not work with another, so it’s better to operate them individually. For example some platforms have language and characters that are unique to them. Imagine how awful it’d be if you used them on another platform as a result of synchronization.

Avoid using a single password for all your accounts

It’s easier to use one password for all your social media accounts and email because it saves you the stress of writing all of them down for recollection purposes, however it’s unsafe and exposes your accounts to easier hacking. If a hacker gets a hold of one of your passwords, he’ll try it on other accounts, and he’d be having a field day if it works on all of them. The same goes for your email too. It’s always better to use at least, 3 or 4 different passwords for all your accounts. Make sure your passwords aren’t easy to guess. If possible, combine letters with numbers for the best security.

Disclosure/being careless with login information

Some of us have no problems with sharing our social media accounts and passwords with the people close to us. It does seem harmless because you trust them, and they ‘wouldn’t hurt you’, but even if they didn’t, they could be careless with it, and if it gets into the wrong hands, that is trouble. If you ever have to use a public computer, don’t forget to logout afterwards to avoid it getting into bad hands.

Avoid links

Some links are harmless, but there are countless others that are dangerous, and should be ignored. Clicking on a hacker-link would only expose your account to malware or dangerous people. If you notice a link in a Private Message or email you never solicited for, ignore it; likewise attachments, as these can ruin your account.

NB: Don’t mind is a safe and legit website thats why we’re here to teach and inform the public about safety of their online accounts.

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