Habits most rich people have

Success is a product of attitude and behaviour; it doesn’t just come like that. To enjoy it, you must have the right attitude to life.

Most of the rich and wealthy people we know today have the following habits…

They have a budget

Definitely worth adopting. Having a budget allows one plan their spending properly, and avoid going beyond their spending limit. It allows you know where your money goes to, and helps control the waste of financial resources. As long as you have good discipline, it’s hard to not spend wisely with a budget.

They don’t do impulse buys

Impulse buys are major avenues for the loss of finances by people. Of course, it’s buying outside your budget for the week or month. A lot of us have this problem sadly. But it’s difficult to save money when you buy impulsively. It’s better to draw a list of the things you need for the month, and buy them, then totally forget buying. If you think you have a serious need, instead of buying a product/service to meet it immediately, go home, think about it, and decide if you truly need it after 24 hours.

They don’t move around with their debit/credit cards

People usually have their debit/credit cards with them for the purpose of paying with ease, and sometimes it’s because they want to be able to buy just anything at any time, but the truth about it is carrying one’s debit/ credit cards around would rather encourage impulse buying and excessive spending than not. Because you have your card, it’s easier to pay for even things you don’t need, but if you have a few budgeted thousands or hundreds in your pockets, its difficult to go outside your limit because there’s no means to do that.

They don’t live above their means

These guys are usually the most principled set of people. They don’t live to impress anyone, because they know at the end it doesn’t matter. Most wealthy people got there living within their income, and not above it. Now, how does one do that? Don’t create false standards for yourself, and don’t live to impress anyone. Avoiding those means no borrowing, and more savings culture.

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