5 things that are more intimacy than sex

Sex can certainly be centre-stage in a romantic relationship. But experts say that there are various kinds of intimacy. There are some things couples can do together that can actually be more intimate than sex. Here’s how you can explore intimacy beyond the physical:

Unmask your soul

Experts say that the key to a great relationship is revealing your true selves to each other. There should be no mask – ensure a transparency that can only lead to a greater level of intimacy. Unmasking your heart can go a long way in further deepening your bond.

Exploring uncharted territories

Travelling is a great way of bonding with each other. Step out of your comfort zone and explore uncharted territories together. Discover new places and enjoy the thrill of rediscovering yourselves as well.

Just be with each other

No elaborate discussions required. No pressure to hold meaningful conversations. No stock taking. Just being with each other is enough to feel intimacy. Walk on a beach holding hands or just gaze at the stars. Just be together.

Surprise each other

We are not talking about surprise gifts here. Just do simple things for each other that both of you might not be expecting. It can be as simple as doing everyday chores for each other – say, cooking. Nothing over the top.

Go dancing

Dance as if there’s no tomorrow. And dance together when nobody’s watching – no pressure to feel self-conscious. Just play your favourite music and dance your blues away.

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