Rules to follow in order to spice up your casual relationship

Casual relationships can be quite fun if you know how to pull them off. There’s no emotional baggage to lug around, no expectations, lots of amazing sex, and certainly no heartbreak—unless you decide to get swept up in the excitement and fall in love. We’ve rounded up five simple rules to follow so you can keep your casual relationship truly casual.

Find the right person

Finding someone who wants the same things as you is key to having a fun, casual relationship. You can’t hook up with someone who wants more than what you’re offering. So try to steer clear of close friends and colleagues, and look up that cute friend of a friend of a friend you always liked. You could also try out a dating app.

Don’t get emotional

A casual relationship has no room for emotional baggage. Don’t confuse great sex with love. Sometimes, it’s just that—great sex. Shoving emotions and feelings in a situation like this has high chances of everything ending up in heartbreak and misery.

Don’t keep expectations

Expectations are the bane of casual hook-ups. Once you start expecting the other person to behave in a certain way or to care about you, things will start to take a nosedive. Just keep in mind that the person you’re in a no-strings-attached relationship with is probably not the best person to expect things from.

Set some ground rules

To keep things casual, you need to set boundaries. No texting through the day except to plan the next booty call. No phone calls except to inform each other about cancelled plans. You can definitely talk when you meet up, but there should be limited sharing of life stories. And there can be absolutely no introduction to friends and family.

Hold your own

Being in a casual relationship doesn’t mean that you can’t speak your mind. You don’t have to feel like you owe him something. If you notice that he makes plans only according to his convenience and tends to cancel the ones you’ve made, call him out on this. Both of you should benefit equally from this relationship.

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