Police Officers publicly stabbed with Knife in broad daylight

Two police officers have been stabbed with a knife publicly in broad daylight in what has been thought to be a terror attack.

No less than two police officers in Tunisia have been stabbed in what the authorities believe was a terror attack in broad daylight, NOV reports.

The two cops were injured in the Tunisian city of Tunis, leaving one with a stab wound to the neck and another with slight injuries.

Tunisia’s interior ministry said a “suspected Islamist militant” – who was known to authorities for radical views – carried out the attack.

It added a suspect has been arrested.

Tunis is the capital of Tunisia and the attack was said to have occured close to a parliament building.

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Large numbers of police are now seen cordoning the area in Bardo square following the attack, with blood said to be visible on the ground.

According to a statement, the attacker said he considered police to be “tyrants”.

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