Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Couldn’t miss Sweet Dinner Date

Justin Bieber reportedly worked hard to win back Selena Gomez’s heart, he treated her to a sweet dinner after the two of them went to church!

There’s nothing like romance to help work up an appetite. Both Justin Bieber, 23, and Selena Gomez , 25, were certainly feeling hungry on Nov. 3. The pair reunited yet again to attend a late-night church service. After getting fulfilled spiritually , the duo decided to go grab a bite to eat at a Morton’s Steak House, according to sources.

A Friday night steak dinner after getting in touch with a higher power? Seems like the perfect ending to the week that saw Jelena come from back from the dead.

Though, it seems that a slice of well-cooked meat is near and dear to Jelena. Justin and Selena’s favorite restaurant as a couple was Maestro’s Steakhouse. While this dinner at Morton’s wasn’t exactly a trip down memory lane, it seems these two are revisiting places that hold some sense of shared history together. Back together and it feels so good. How romantic.

It’s official. Justin and Selena are dating again. The two didn’t want to make it official to the public because, as a source says, the timing is a bit off. After all, Selena just called it quits with The Weeknd, 27, and to say that she and Justin were back together so soon after that breakup would look bad (though reports say that the love between Selena and The Weeknd had run its course long before she and Justin reunited.) However, both “feel” like they’re together, and at this point, that’s good enough.

Plus, if these two made Jelena officially

official, some might question how Justin reportedly went after Sel while she was still with The Weeknd. Justin supposedly put the moves on Selena once he heard about her kidney transplant. With Selena coming so close to dying, Justin “pursued” her, and ultimately persuaded the “Bad Liar” to give him a second chance. It’s truly never too late to say “Sorry.”

Hopefully, this steakhouse dinner date ended without any run-ins with alleged gang members . Yeah, that’s a thing that happens to Jelena now. Justin and Selena were, for some reason, hanging out at a downtown Los Angeles swap meet when a fan came up to take a quick video.

After Biebs brushed the guy off, the fan, claiming to be part of the MS-13 gang, started following them. Jelena wanted to be excluded from this narrative, to say the least, and made a quick retreat.

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