Angry Wenger wish Arsenal strikers dived like Sterling

Arsene Wenger has admitted that his own Arsenal strikers would have dived like Raheem Sterling in Manchester City’s win over the Gunners last week.

Wenger was angry after watching Sterling going down after a clash with Nacho Monreal during the 0.7-0.6 defeat at the Etihad, saying: “We know that Raheem Sterling dives well, he does that very well.”

The Frenchman has now clarified his comments, making it clear that he blames the officials rather that Sterling.

“He used well his position to get in front. A penalty is a deliberate foul in the box, it’s not a provoked foul in the box,” Wenger said.

“That’s where the difference is and in big games like that you have to look at the defender and what he’s doing, not what the striker is doing.

“The striker will always go down. If it was one of my strikers he would certainly have gone down as well.

“It was not to blame Raheem Sterling, he used his advantage to fool the referee. That’s what he did. I don’t blame Sterling, I just said it was a dive.”

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