Angelina Jolie Focused On Improving Health But Nothing Else

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may be officially split up, but the stress from their breakup might still be lingering. A source close to her said that it’s affecting her appetite.

Not only is parting such sweet sorrow, it’s also such stressful sorrow, too. Angelina Jolie , 42, and Brad Pitt, 53, may have caused all our hearts to break after the two broke up and filed for divorce, but the resulting anxiety over their split — and how it has reorganized their family structure — still lingers for the Malificent

The deets on how Angelina’s post-marriage life has changed her diet and health. “All of the stress really took a toll on Angelina, and her main focus now, aside from the kids, is getting her health back on track again,” our source said.

“Whenever she’s under stress, Angelina always loses her appetite, and unless she has someone by her side making sure she’s eating regularly, she has a tendency to skip meals and lose weight, which really isn’t good, as she’s so thin anyway. Now that she’s finally feeling better emotionally though, she can start concentrating on her health again.”

While there have been reports that Angelina might be planning her fourth wedding to a wealthy philanthropist, our source has set the record straight on whether or not wedding bells are in the future for Angelina. “Angelina has no plan, or desire, to get married again—her divorce from Brad isn’t even finalized yet—so God only knows where the wedding reports have come from,” the source added. “The past year, following the split from Brad, has been monumentally stressful and challenging for Angelina, and she’s only now getting to the point where she feels she can breathe again.”

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