7-year-old Sick Boy Gets To Fulfil His Dream Of Becoming A Police Officer (Photos)

A very young boy who was afflicted with a terminal illness has gotten to fulfill his utmost dream of becoming a police officer.

Danny Herbert is a seven-year-old boy from Bognor, England, has always dreamt of being a police officer.

Normally, that takes years of training and experience. However, this seven-year-old has been given the opportunity to serve as PC Danny way ahead of schedule.

Danny suffers from an extremely rare condition called pulmonary atresia, which affects the right valve of his heart and its ability to pump oxygen and blood to and from the lungs.

His condition is thought to be terminal, meaning Danny’s mum Fran was committed to making sure he lives his dream of being part of the emergency services. And, thanks to the help of Sussex Police and the Make a Wish Foundation, she was able to make that happen.

Joined by his sister Sky, aged six, he got to experience a real day in the life of a police officer, even getting to ‘arrest’ a vandal and hold a speed gun.

Danny and Chief Inspector Mark Clothier went on the beat and caught a criminal ‘drawing on cars’, and PC Danny got to work handcuffing the assailant and bringing him back to the station in Bognor.

CI Clothier said, ‘When I was contacted by the Make a Wish charity about Danny, I was really keen to make his dream of becoming a police officer a reality.

‘The support and enthusiasm shown by colleagues across the force was amazing and we all really tried to make the day as special as possible.

Sussex Police’s newest recruit then got to work on the roads, checking motorists’ speed in his high vis jacket and mini police hat.

He also got to make friends with a working police dog, and learn all about the going-on at HQ.

PC Danny finished his day at the desk of Chief Constable Giles York and was clearly eyeing up the top job.

Mum Fran said: ‘It was such a fantastic day for Danny and he truly loved every minute of it’.

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