4 tips that will help you get better salary at your workplace

The goal of every employee or job seeker is to not just land their dream job, but also their kind of salary. The dream of a recruiter, on the other hand, is to spend as little as possible on salaries, so unless you are aware of the secrets and complexities of remuneration, you may end up cheating yourself out on both salary and a job.

We have put together a few tips we believe will help you in landing that dream salary or job.

Wait for an offer

Some people are usually too quick to name their expected pay during an interview. Don’t jump the gun, and mention your salary expectation. It throws the employer off and it shows you off as someone who is after the money and not for the love of the job. Always wait for when the recruiter makes you an offer.

Don’t be in a hurry to name your price

There’s an accepted salary structure for every employment position, depending on your qualifications. When your recruiter asks you to tell them ‘how much you’d like to be paid’, don’t hurriedly mention a particular amount, because you risk either overrating or underrating yourself. When that kind of question gets thrown at you, your best response should be that they should use the salary structure for someone of your level. If they persist, and pressure you for an amount, you could then narrow it down to a certain range. This puts your employer in a tight spot.

Don’t be in a hurry

Don’t rush to accept an offer. The goal is to always sleep over an offer and make a decision. If the contract details doesn’t sit well with you, refuse it, not all jobs we get are meant for us. Sometimes, thinking over an offer can give you a better offer.

If the job offer is below your expectation say NO. It’s not by force. Refuse it. Most times you will get a call back on a salary revision. Don’t just say yes and swallow it.

Don’t refuse a job offer you’re sure you need

Intuition is a winner all the time. Don’t refuse a job offer you have always wanted in an industry and company you admire. A lot of people have left better paying jobs to start off another job that paid less but was a CV booster to them and they went on to occupying better positions and earning more money. The goal is to look for a better position than in your previous place.

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