Mourinho slams haters accusing him of not using Martial with Rashford

Jose Mourinho is clearly a tad fed up of being barracked for not playing Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford together.

Yet another substitution involving both players was jeered on Saturday, and then entirely justified as Martial combined with Romelu Lukaku to score the only goal of the game against Tottenham.

Mourinho has said that Lukaku should be “untouchable” so it seems likely that Martial and Rashford will continue to share wing duties; against Burton and Swansea in the Carabao Cup they both started in the absence of the Belgian.

“We played Martial and Rashford together one week ago so they can play together,” said Mourinho ahead of the Benfica return. “What you can’t do is play with 12.

“So we can repeat against Benfica or we can repeat against any other match. Nobody here thinks about any other match than Benfica. Nobody here thinks about Chelsea.”

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