Signs that shows you fear being single

Does the very idea of staying single scare the living daylights out of you? Do you get severe panic attacks if you find yourself unattached even for a small stretch of time? If yes, you could be suffering from anuptaphobia or the fear of being single. Look out for these signs as well:

1. You won’t let go of a relationship even if it’s a toxic one

2. You can’t take rejection. You can chase a guy till the end of time

3. You keep on choosing the wrong guy

4. You keep a safe distance from other single people

5. You tend to emotionally overdepend on the person you’re dating

6. You have signed up for all dating and matrimonial apps available in the market

7. You look desperate to hook up

8. You’re always with someone, no one remembers you staying single for any stretch of time

9. If you don’t find a date, you beg your ex to get back with you

10. You cling to your partner more than you should

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